How Graphic Design improves your Website Rank

Graphic design plays a central role in the success of a website. Visual media attracts the attention of end-users, keeps them on the page and subsequently helps to improve your SEO rankings.

Search engines rank websites using a score of metrics. One such metric is how long users stay on your webpages and explore your website. It is therefore in the best interests for web owners to provide an online platform visitors want to explore.

Think how you feel when you land on a website with a poorly designed page that looks unprofessional and difficult to navigate. More often than not you click straight out right.

And so does everybody else. The reason for that is because the artwork of a website communicates to the audience within seconds and we judge the trustworthiness and authority of a website by how good the design is.

A study conducted by revealed that even when a website does look trustworthy and authoritative, most visitors will leave within 20 seconds if the content does not offer value.


This is how demanding online users are. Good quality graphic design will at least grab their attention and encourage them to explore the page, but online businesses still have to publish high-quality content that is relevant to the interests of the end user.

What is Graphic Design?

Maybe you’re thinking: “It is important, ok. But, what is graphic design?”. We’re going to explain it for you:

Graphic design is a visual communication that offers a creative solution to attract the attention of people.

Although it is a digital discipline of modern art, it is typically used as a tool for marketing rather than found hanging in art galleries. Although even that is beginning to change.

When graphic design is used in marketing, artwork has to go deeper than looking pretty. It has to be conceptual and has enough substance to communicate the message you want to get across to your audience. This is why ambitious businesses hire talented designers to produce their logos, websites, signage, brochures and other print and online marketing materials.

Which are the main benefits of Graphic Design for your Website?

Visual media has always been important for attracting the attention of consumers and in the online world, it is more important than ever. As brands hustle over a small space in search engines and social media networks, competition for attention is fierce.

Graphic design is a fundamental element that can help increase the online visibility of online businesses and enhance brand reputation in a variety of positive ways.

Gives a professional look to websites

Graphic design promotes your business as authentic, professional and trustworthy. And earning the trust of online users is a major stumbling block many business owners never recover from.

First impressions count. And they last. Visitors will judge whether they like a website or not within the first few seconds of landing on a webpage. And if they don’t like it they will leave and won’t come back.

This is why digital marketers and designers advise clients to focus on nailing down a tightly focused audience they will appeal to rather than sweeping the market hoping something will stick.

Everybody has different tastes and consumers are typically drawn to brands they resonate with the most. Therefore, your brand image and the colors you use should be carefully selected to appeal to the audience you most want to attract.

When a visual reflects your brand image, you will attract more customers that connect with your brand on an emotional level. And once you are playing the same tune with emotions, customers are more likely to stay loyal.

Attracts attention on Social Media

Studies show that more users will click on a link in social media networks and search engine results if they are attracted to the content by an image.

In one survey, Vero analyzed the results of 5.000 campaigns and found that images increase click-through rates by as much as 42%. Engaging images designed by professional graphic designers, therefore, increase your chances of driving traffic through to landing pages.

Furthermore, a study by Adobe revealed that 66% of millennials – users born between 1980 and 2000 – find beautifully designed content more appealing than plain and simple. And millennials represent the higher portion of the population in the US.


It is also believed that search engines rank websites higher if they have a lot of social shares and likes. It is, therefore, important for websites to feature social share buttons – providing they are not intrusive.

However, they do need to be noticeable enough to encourage visitors to share your content, products and services with their harem of social connections.

Crawlable visual designs are a ranking factor

The power and importance of visuals to attract visitors to your website cannot be disputed or overlooked. And they also serve a purpose in helping improve SEO, helping search engines to index a page.

Search engine crawlers cannot identify what is in an image, but it can read metadata included in the backend of a website. When you load up images in your content management system, you can include information that informs crawlers what is in the image.


The most important fields are the ‘Alt text’ tags and the ‘Description’ both of which should include relevant keywords for that webpage. The image can be conceptual, but providing the ‘alt text’ and ‘description’ contain keywords, that’s all search engines need to know.

Graphic design elements on a website such as contact buttons and call-to-action buttons also contain ‘alt tags’ which enable crawlers to navigate your website and take the logical path end-users will take.

Websites that have good navigation are considered user-friendly and it is likely that search engines use this metric as a ranking factor.

Increases conversions

Given graphic images drive traffic, keeping customers on the page, and increase visibility on digital platforms, publishing eye-catching design that impresses your internet users raises your chances of accruing a stronger following and cementing your share of the market.

Attracting a bigger audience provides you with a platform to grow your digital presence and become an online leader in your industry. This further enhances your trust and authority scores with search engines and consumers thereby generating more revenue.


By investing in a team of professional designers you will always be one step ahead of your rivals and challenge them to do better. And business owners hate playing catch-up.

When you are publishing graphic designs that make you proud, you can guarantee your competitors equally envious. As such they try harder which serves to inspire you to be even better. And better is bigger.

We hope you learned something more about graphic design today and how important visuals are to succeed in the online world. To succeed, your website and marketing content have to stand out and appeal to the audience you want to target. When you know your audience, you can publish graphically designed artwork that appeals to them and drives traffic to your online domains.

If you need a stronger online presence by developing outstanding web and graphic designs, at MadridNYC we can help you with your visuals.

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