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Gone are the days when business owners debated about whether to develop a mobile app or focus their efforts on web page development. These days, online businesses need both.

The increasing numbers of people using mobile devices to access the internet posed a problem for web developers and designers. How could they provide a user-friendly experience on a small screen.

Mobile apps initially solved the dilemma, but businesses then had to opt for quality web design or mobile apps. Fortunately, responsive websites provided a better solution to shrink and expand websites to fit any screen size. 

But apps offer something a little extra, and inevitably made something of a comeback.

Now that mobile technology is really taking off, apps are a must-have for online businesses that have a lot of mobile customers.

Mobile app and web page development is subsequently less irritating, but is not without its challenges. Although there are subtle differences between the two, it is the overall impact of the end result that counts.

The importance of Web Page Development

It should be noted here that we are talking specifically about the importance of developing web pages and not entire websites. Web pages are the individual pages that create a website.

But as any business owner knows, not every page of your website performs the same function. And in many cases, a one-size template does not fit all. Each page has to accommodate unique content. 

Templates usually needed:

  • Homepage: A homepage is nearly always different to the rest of the website. Homepages are individual pages that typically require unique web page development.
  • Products page: The rest of the website typically uses the same template.
  • About us page: The About Us page does not need the same template as a product page which needs to support images, product description boxes and other various widgets that guide customers to the check-out.

The web development tools that are available now means that developers can easily create templates that will host content in a unique layout. This gives business owners more flexibility in the way the present content to their customers right the way across their website.

As a consequence, web page development enables you to provide visitors with a unique user-experience on each page of your website. And content can be presented in ways that make it easier for customers to perform whatever it is they need to do or want to know.

The rise in Mobile App Development

Forward thinking business owners recognize the marketing power of mobile phones. They are not merely used for accessing the internet and performing research, but can be used to enhance the shopping experience both online and in-store.

However, to maximize the potential of mobile devices, you need a mobile web app. And these days, mobile apps are easier to build and develop thus are much more affordable for small businesses.

And branded web apps are becoming increasingly popular with end-users. They offer a convenience and are more interactive and enjoyable to use.

Mobile apps are very versatile. They can be used for entertainment purposes, providing information and inspiration, and a common feature is they have a built-in call-to-action that makes taking the next step effortless.

Apps are becoming so important to brands that it is forecast a whopping 90% of online firms will invest in mobile app development in 2016.

The reason for this dramatic increase is not only because web app development is more affordable, but because their functionality improves the customer experience and enables brands to get closer to buyers.

The future of mobile App Development

Mobile apps can be used for various activities, such as:

  • Interacting with customers in real-time.
  • File uploads.
  • Showing videos and other content.
  • Vouchers and QR codes.
  • Newsletters.
  • Booking systems.
  • Customer support.

In other words, apps can do anything you can do with web page development, only on a platform that is specifically designed for use on a mobile device.

Furthermore, mobile shopping is the future. Search engines and social media networks have already made it possible for brands to create a one-click buy button and store consumer bank details for easy shopping.

This year’s consumer statistics published by ComScore, reveal a huge rise in the number of US millennials using brand apps for shopping purposes. When retailers and other businesses take advantage of mobile technology this trend will grow even more.

In other words, mobile shopping will be commonplace in the future. App stores are expected to double in the next five years and within 10 years, the majority of the masses will be mobile shoppers.

Mobile apps also make it easier for business to track metrics and analyze data on a deeper level. The insights apps provide you help you to better understand the needs of your audience so that you can provide them with information – and products – they need.

Customer care

Modern businesses are switching customer care online as lines of communication are improved through digital technology.

Web page development and apps can both be used to connect to customers in real-time, both pre-sale, during sale and post-sale.

Consumers say that having a virtual assistant on-hand when they are online is invaluable. An intelligent and personalized approach to online shopping enables brands to increase trust and manage their reputation.

Regardless of whether you use virtual assistant’s on a webpage, social media networks or personal assistants built into an app, the ability to get closer to customers and provide immediate attention brings the online experience more in line with in-store assistance.

Given that mobile shopping will become a staple for shoppers, even when they are in your physical store, apps are an essential feature for online brands.

Technology exists today that enables shoppers to access more information about a product when they are in-store by holding their mobile phone up to a barcode. The convenience for customers together with their desire for this knowledge, can impact their purchasing decision.

Mobile apps and web page development go hand-in-hand in the modern age. And the sooner businesses take advantage of mobile and web technologies, the easier it becomes to impress customers and make their shopping experience, quick, convenient and stress-free.

At MadridNYC we can help you to design your mobile app or develop your web page. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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