Are Banner Ads A Web Design Solution?

Including banner ads as part of your marketing arsenal raises awareness of your brand, exposes you to a wider audience and drives traffic to your website. Don’t forget that banner ads are one of the best advertisement web design solutions.

Banner ads are the most visible form of marketing on the internet and can also help improve conversion rates. Native ads can also enhance web designs and provide a solution to promoting special offers on-page.

Web advertising has been big business for many years now and despite some undermining statistics, still perform fairly well. The estimated spend on banner ads will topple $37.36 by the end of next year in the US alone. 

Simply put, banner ads are a quality web design solution to monetize your online business and webmasters that host banner ads can also earn a little extra cash as well. Furthermore, if you have an attractive offer which is appealing to consumers you increase your chances of improving conversion rate.

Display advertising is also one of the more cost-effective methods of digital marketing as you only pay when someone clicks on the ad – but for banners to be effective you need graphic designs that catch the eye and persuasive copy people will trust.

How do Banner Ads work as one of the best Web Design Solutions?

There are several ways to advertise using banners. You can either agree to exchange ad space with other website owners or pay a company that specializes in hosting banner ads.

  • The first option is cost-effective, but time-consuming trying to find high-quality websites that will agree to host your ad: Unless your ad appears on many websites, the banner ad is not effective at increasing visibility and raising brand awareness.

Another option for exchanging ads is to work with a website advertising agency who offer to host your ad across various websites, on the provision that you host ads on behalf of their clients.

Arguably the most effective method is to use a website advertising agency that displays your ads on high-quality domains that receive a fair amount of traffic.

You also have the option to use a banner ad for native advertising, essentially promoting your own products on your website. Doing this is usually in the form of a pop-up when people visit or go to leave.

This form of banner ad is useful to tempt visitors with an offer and get them to sign up for the offer whereby you secure their email address and grow your list of potential contacts for other marketing campaigns. Native ads are statistically more effective than traditional banner ads on third-party websites.

Why design Banner Ads provide your business great Web Design Solutions?

Advertisers are realistically trying to achieve one of two objectives when using display advertising; click-throughs that lead to conversions and brand awareness.

A click-through directs traffic from another website, whereby you acquire traffic you would not ordinarily receive. Once they arrive on the landing page the link within the banner ad is connected to, you increase your chances of pocketing a sale.

The statistics don’t always make good reading or banner ads, but conversion reports that advertisers that use simplicity in the web advertising designs increase the chances of a conversion. End-users do not like busy ads.

Even when end-users do not click-through, a well-designed web advert featuring your logo is an effective way of expanding brand recognition. Consumers psychologists say people have to see a brand 5-7 times for the name to surface in the memory.

Consumers may not want to purchase your products at the very moment they see the advert. This is quite natural. However, when they are in need of your products or services, there is a greater chance of them recalling your company name when they see it again during their research.

This is also where strong graphic design elements give you an advantage. Not just in the banner ads or native ad, but your website as well. Striking visuals stick in the mind of consumers, but they also have to communicate.

The message you need to get across to consumers online is trust. Top quality graphic designs give the impression that you are an authentic and professional business, and visuals encourage visitors to stay on the page and explore more of your website.

Examples of great Web Banner Solutions

Halloween banner Real state banner Restaurant banner Fitness banner Sales banner Travel banner

Thanks to the superior graphic design element, banner ads are not far removed from one-page or half-page poster adverts that you find in magazines and newspapers. And in one click the end-user is magically transported to your website.

Let’s say, for example, you sell health drinks for fitness fanatics and they are looking for a gym, sportswear or sports equipment. If you are offering a great deal on sports drinks or performance enhancing products, there is some probability they will clicking the ad.

Banner ads have a lot of potential for fitness brands and other companies that are a popular need with a lot of fringe activities revolving around it.

Estate agents is another example. When people go online to search for houses to buy or rent, and look for the best deals on mortgages banner ads with matching target keywords are positioned in front of people that have buyer intent.

Graphic content varies considerably when design banner ads depending on the size you prefer to be most visible versus space available on host websites.

You also have the option of designing a static image that uses either a GIF or JPEG or, more commonly, animates your ad with several different images that create a bigger picture, tell a fuller story and are more persuasive.

What web designs should you include in banner ads?

The elements you choose for banner ads need to be strong and simple. A heading that grabs the interest of the end-user will merit more click-throughs:

  • The design concept should support the headline in grabbing attention, by drawing the reader’s eyes towards the copy. The design is the first thing viewers see and the mind registers. So it has to make the user pause before they click on the little ‘x’ exit.
  • The copy, of course, should be succinct and appealing. Power words such as ‘free’, ‘sale’, ‘secret’ and ‘love’ tend to make people curious. The message should be quick, but also has to make sense and communicate to the reader what they can expect to find if they click on the ad.
  • Banner ads should also include a strong call to action. Where many designs fall down is telling end-users to click on the ad when that is an obvious thing to do. A stronger call to action is projecting a sense of urgency such as ‘whilst stocks last’ or ‘offer ends today.’

Animations or elements that have motion outperform static banners, and a cost-effective way of doing this in the artwork is to use a slide, fade or blink effects. When designing native ads, static banners are better and the advert should complement the colors of the web design so that it blends in seamlessly.

Banner ads also enable you to measure the success rate of your marketing campaign. You can link the ads to your analytics so you can create reports to see which ads are the most effective.

Display advertising saves time for publisher and advertisers as it enables you to target user-intent and increase your potential of positioning your brand and products in front of an audience that is ready to buy or looking to buy.

Brands can expect to have success with both native ads embedded into your web design and increased traffic coming from third-party website which can help improve your SEO.

Providing the graphic designs grab the attention of end-users and the copy is persuasive enough, banner ads provide one of the best web design solutions that can enhance your profits.

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