Web Design and Marketing to improve your Brand Image

Web promotion brings together those actions that a company can perform on the internet to increase their sales and improve the visibility and brand recognition. Web advertising is a key part of online communication plans.

Therefore, we can say that currently internet has influenced dramatically until a few years ago in the way we perceive the ads. A few years ago commercials was based on tv ads, radio spots, newspapers or magazines… Today advertising 360° is everything. Are media impacts that we receive every second of our lives by creating a network that surrounds us.

Today our online marketing are an extension of our “physical store”, are an extension of our brand. Landing pages or advertising web banners have to follow the model of branding in the which we base our entire marketing strategy… and all this with a single purpose: to increase traffic and sales while we generate and improve our brand image. Nowadays, web design and internet marketing are so important to improve our sales.

Web promotion and mobile advertising are very powerful marketing tools with a huge potential for economic returns. The actions of web advertising, in addition to being effective and allow a full analysis of the results achieved by the investment through the measurement of ROI, can offer new business opportunities for your company and integrate seamlessly with your campaigns in the traditional media.

However, many agencies whose portfolio of clients is based on the sector of traditional marketing, improvise and are presented as “experts in marketing and design” because they think that they can apply the same strategies used in the promotion in traditional media.

To make different types of web advertising effective, it is not enough training or experience in general marketing, but in reality it is necessary to know and be constantly informed about trends and the behavior of online users, on trends in social media, know where they are looking for information, which are their places of leisure in the network, such as shopping on the internet or why they do not buy… and the good news is that all this can be measured easily.

Be up-to-date requires an effort to understand the business strategies and promotional spots that the users prefer currently, constantly using and experimenting with new tools, designs and techniques of web advertising that we sell more and have greater impact.

On the other hand, be well positioned in the search engines should not be considered the goal of the action of our marketing campaign online, because this is not a goal but a means to the real goal. Therefore wary of agencies that ensure that the web promotion is only on reaching the first posts in Google: your goal should not be to get 1 million visits a day but get 1,000 visits and close 900 sales, increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter, getting new contacts…Be among the first positions in the search engines for generic keywords is not enough today, but that it is necessary to generate highly qualified traffic and create interest, by what sells your site encouraging the visitor to perform the action you want to (sale, registration, submission of a form, participation in a contest, etc…)

And how does Web Advertising?

According to our experience, to get better results in online sales we need to know well the user of our online site and place it in the central axis of the hurricane of all our actions of multichannel marketing. Of course, we will have to know the limitations of each channel of each social network, each environment… but the first goal has to always be to understand what want, and how resolves its doubts this end user that we want to sell our product. We must put ourselves in his place, search and act as he himself would do.

Therefore, only with a clear vision of our business objectives, we can choose the digital channels to include in our web promotion plan: a banner, a landing page, a SEO strategy, email marketing… the possibilities today goes up to where it reaches our imagination. Just keep in mind that your strategy has to be able to run immediately and that you’ve always to measure the results to make sure you are in the right way.

In MadridNYC, we think design and marketing are basic foundations for your digital strategy. Working hard about web advertising would give your company new customers and an awesome digital standing.