This is our particular essence

Who are we?

MadridNYC is neither a design study nor a marketing agency, we are only a pair of freelancers specialized in design and programming, worried about the quality of our work and making the difficult thing easy. If you look at our portfolio, the quality of our work can make you think that we are expensive, but being a pair of freelancers, we eliminate all the costs of intermediaries and unnecessary expenses that affect the customer directly.

We work with a simple and transparent philosophy; we offer the highest quality in all our jobs, at competitive prices, always with the goal of ensuring that the customer satisfaction is 110 %. Therefore, comply the delivery time is one of our main qualities.

Our secret?

A personalized service and close of a pair of freelancers who work together with the client, which enables us to capture the essence and identity of the brand or the project, to later convert ideas into visual experiences through a clean image and a coherent design.

Something that distinguishes us is our versatility to adapt to the needs of our customers, since these are from freelancers and small businesses to large corporations. We do not reject any type of project, whether big or small, we are willing to adapt our work depending on the available budget.

What are the benefits we offer?

Experience: We have a professional career of more than 15 years in the areas of graphic design and web programming. In the section «Services», you can find our portfolios of work carried out in different categories. If you want to see some other job of a specific thematic, please let us know and we will contact you.

We know the needs of the sector: All companies or freelancers looking the answer for how to increase sales, looking for a greater visibility and fighting to win presence in Internet and other channels of promotion. With our work characterized by its clean graphic design we ensure success through the transmission of a corporate identity renewed.

Closest service: More than for our customers, we work with them directly, without intermediaries, providing inspiration and guiding them before and during the development of the whole project until the final delivery. Do not worry, you are not going to work with no manager or project manager who does not know guide you in the creative process, you will work directly with us.

Quality results at affordable prices: Given that we are not a big company, and thanks to our creative design and realistic philosophy, we are always trying to offer satisfactory results at affordable prices regardless of the complexity of the task. We take care of every little detail and we know the essential practices for ensuring that each of our jobs reach their goal: transform the idea of our customers into reality.

Effective visual communication: For us, the essence of the branding is in knowing how to realize a consistent corporate identity and with direction in web sites, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, designs or press announcements (among others), since this is the only way to create a fluent and effective communication through the marketing practices 360°.

Compliance of delivery times: Our customers often are advertising agencies or design studies that for one reason or another we outsource and therefore need that the jobs they are delivered on-time already that if we fail to meet the deadline, they do not comply with their customers. This is one the principles of our work and why our main goal is to deliver always quality results within the deadline, and if possible, even before.