Modern Designs for modern consumers

Online sites are your window to the world, but traditional patterns can be expensive to maintain. Design trends reduce the cost of overhauling your site every two years whilst providing your customers with a user-experience they enjoy.

MadridNYC specialize in customizing the latest trends so that your online business can function to optimal performance whilst retaining a unique presence that sets you apart from the competition.

Responsive Web Designs

The internet has become a lifestyle and the majority of searches are conducted using mobile devices. This means that online businesses need an online site that can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop version.

Modern responsive websites are fluid and move freely to fit any size screen. They neatly resolve problems with usability on mobile devices. The role of developers is to ensure the responsive pattern can be easily navigated across all devices. And this is where our expertise of creating online sites is beneficial to you.

We are a team with an eye for aesthetically pleasing, simple, modern and responsive web designs, but also appreciate there is more to online success than beauty. Our talented team of developers have the skills and the know-how to build sites that function the way your customers need them to and improve user-experience.

We build modern responsive web designs that are easy to use with any screen and will improve conversion rate.

Modern flat websites

Flat websites are a design trend that resolve visual issues that traditional patterns present. Whilst there are some stunning images on the net, attempts to create 3D images to make products look more appealing don’t work because it is impossible to render 3D imaging on a flat screen without using special glasses.

The limitations of traditional sites can be overcome by creating an illusion from the illusion. Rather than showing 3D images, flat web designs use subtle shadows to create the impression of multiple dimensions. The end result is sophisticated images and a versatile user-experience.

Flat design is one of the recent modern web design trends. It resolves usability issues by adopting the simplicity of a minimalistic approach, but also reduces the amount of code required to produce images thus make websites faster to load and easier to use.

Flat websites solve usability issues on mobile devices and look elegant doing it.

Custom layouts

If you are going to invest time and money building an online site, you will be rewarded with more success if you create a simple web design that reflects your brand.

Custom layouts give you the individualism you need to differentiate yourself from your rivals and attract the right type of customer for your business. When you find the right customers, you can build a loyal fan base.

Trendy layouts improve the perception of a business, and customized templates give visitors a user-experience they will not find anywhere else. And because custom sites are flexible and easy to upgrade, the reduce costs over the long-term and create very few complications for operations.

Our custom layouts reflect your brand and attract the right clients to your business.

Colorful and simple

Current psychology shows that the human brain responds better to things that are easy to understand (fact of life), so it makes perfect sense that simple patterns are the most effective.

We like clean, uncluttered layouts. And we think you will too. They are easy to use because people can find what they are looking for. They are also more effective because people are more curious to explore.

Modern web design trends are simplistic, and with intelligent concepts that use sophisticated colors that reflect your brand, large typography that is unique and looks cool, online businesses have a platform customers can immediately engage with.

New layouts compel visitors to explore your online site and guide consumers to the buy button.

Web Designs are our speciality and, if you want to improve the success of your online business, you need to improve the user-experience of your site.