Mobile App Development Taking Over (Now and Then)

mobile app development taking over

To conduct business in this modern age- social media profiles, optimized web pages, responsive mobile apps, all have become the necessities to have sufficient presence and prolonged success.

Mobile apps while attracting the interests of masses have blown away the revenue gains of the world, thereby, accelerating the world economy to a great extent.

Asking business owners the importance of mobile applications would be a big example of stupidity as, presently, they all have their feet under the development of AI and IoT driven apps.

What are those a Business, offline or online, thrives for?

  • Well-known Existence!
  • Strong Customer Base!
  • Sustainable Success!

The importance of the Mobile App Development

You see, everybody is exceeding and progressing making the best use of latest advancements. So zoom in to get acknowledgment regarding mobile app development, which is the present and the future. The app development is trending and expanding its leg across almost all kind of businesses running over the internet. For those who are lagging into participate in this technology, it is the best time.

The mobile app development market will hit $100 billion by the end of 2022. You can learn Android app development with android development course, tutorials, videos, blogs, online coding playgrounds, and many more other resources soaring across the internet lake. Then only you will be able to explore its core modules used for designing front-end to developing backend and finally deployment.


  • Smartphones are used to do ‘Every Single Thing’.
  • The digital Mobile bridge has enhanced communication and connections.
  • Reaching 2020, 34 billion smart devices will be Internet-connected.
  • In-app analytics can effectively dig Mobile data where mobile apps can act as true gold mine.
  • Competitors, big or small, all are busy building the mobile apps hub.
  • Apple and Amazon are exceeding in enabling IoT in app development.
  • Now and in future, the digital trend of mobile apps is going nowhere.

Mobile Development Contribution by Apple and Android OS

Decades back, people were seen online on websites via desktops and laptops, where the two new operating systems (Apple’s Mobile OS and Android’s mobile OS) came up with a ‘Bang’.

The two made their arrival in the market centering their focus on smartphones and tablets to allow people to be seen online on their all-time needed devices.

As the starting days are full of struggle, the same was the case with the newly arrived ones. However, the market share that Android and iOS possess today, dominates Microsoft’s OS market share.

The fact that people keep their e-devices at an arm’s distance gives a strong reason for developers to shift their strategies towards creating useful mobile applications.

Jaw-Dropping Facts and Figures of Mobile App Development

With technology, came clever techniques and with smartphones came mobile applications which took over the significant life aspects of communication, social connection, entertainment, business, payments, to name a few.

Mobile development is a wide bracketing field, so to help you expand your knowledge and awareness regarding the same take look below:

  • The real-time spent percentage of an individual over mobile apps is 87% making mobile app development a must for businesses.
  • The number of mobile apps downloaded exceeds 197 billion.
  • 6.6 million mobile applications are present in the mobile App Store.
  • Android instant apps have been installed in more than 500 million devices (till date).
  • As IoT integrated mobile apps have been launched, worldwide spending on IoT across markets will sum up to 1.29 trillion dollars by 2020.
  • Apps possessing built-in AR capabilities will go beyond 1580 million and 4670 million in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

The contributions of mobile development to this digital world are endless and will continue the tradition further, suppressing the voices questioning the existence of Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Analytics: Necessary to Stay Ahead in the Competition

“In-App Analytics paints a clear picture of the user experience that your mobile applications provide- from detection to download to engagement.”

The exponential rate by which applications are being created increases the amount of hard data collected through mobile data analysis.

To avoid the situation of marketers making educated guesses, there arises the need for In-app analytics where they have a lot to serve the business owners sharing valuable insights.

1. Help discover the crucial segments of an app which people use and do not use

By analytic tracking, a trail of information can be obtained which shows different screens and paths users take while navigating an app. You get transparency in the data by knowing what is most liked by people, the features they use most often and areas they spend the most time on.

2. Help construct a powerful mobile marketing strategy

Analytics and the data produced with the help of such tools enables you to define a measurable goal considering the content and functionality customers happily respond to. Questions related to achieve adequate ROI from campaigning and high sales revenue all are answered through the processed and analyzed data.

3. Detect mobile devices

To closely know which mobile devices install your mobile app, valuable insights are provided by mobile app analytics tools to prioritize e-devices for QA and future deployments. Say, if the app has maximum downloads over Android so you can come to know why this happened and what to do next.The structured data generated can help your business make data-driven decisions at any stage of your app life-cycle.

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