Mobile Apps: The Future of Your Company’s Marketing Arsenal

Smartphones become more central and important to our everyday life and apps download in seconds, so users do not have to be online to access them.

Given you can share content and communicate directly to customers in real-time, them have evolved from being a nice to have, into a need to have. So we, as a mobile app company have evolved too, to develop better options to their customers.

In MadridNYC we try to grow up as fast as do the technologies, to adapt our projects to the needs of our customers.

Providing Value to Customers

Modern consumers are more connected than ever and with an estimated 5 billion wireless devices in use on a daily basis, there are a lot of opportunities for a company’s to impress consumers. And the reliance on those devices to purchase goods is only going to rise.

Not only that, but modern consumers are highly suspicious of traditional marketing tactics. But they do warm to brands that resonate with them. And when brands publish content they want to read, consumers are more inclined to stay loyal.

Therefore, apps make a great marketing tool that has the functionality to reach out to your customers on a personal level. You can use this channel to promote promotional offers, but more importantly you can use it to show customers how much you value them.

MadridNYC, as a mobile app company in New York, creates products to provide a service that goes above and beyond what our customers expect. Companies that consider customers first and sales second create a better user-experience and are far better received.

MadridNYC is a small company of freelancers that creates a direct marketing channel and allow you to get closer to your customers.

Mobile App Marketing

Consumer psychologists report that the average person has to see a logo or hear a brand name five to seven times before it sticks in their mind. Mobile marketing increase brand recognition because they place your brand in front of consumers on a daily basis – and for most companies there is no other online resource that can do that.

Even when users that have downloaded your app are not using it on a regular basis, they will still see it subconsciously when they scroll through the collection of programs on their smartphone. And the majority of smartphone owners use them on a daily basis. You can also use push notifications to inform your customers that you have published content or have an offer they might be interested in.

However, in order to improve brand recognition, the design must be stylish, noticeable and functional. As experts in graphic design, MadridNYC develops projects that will increase the frequency of times consumers consciously register your company app thus raising brand awareness and customer engagement.

In MadridNYC we give your brand the recognition you deserve.

Top Mobile App Company

It is difficult for business to attract customers online. Gaining visibility in search engines and social media both take a lot of time (or money).

An app can help your company to acquire customers quicker as there is less competition and they are a direct means of placing your brand in front of your customers.

Modern consumers are glad to engage with brands that offer more than just marketing. If you want to take advantage of the market, our projects are a great way to get into the heads, hearts and pockets of consumers. Top softwares are user-friendly, well-designed and contain interesting information for customers. MadridNYC, as a serious company, develop great apps products.

Of course, you do not have to be a huge firm to benefit from our development team. With our engaging designs and intelligent marketing strategies, business of any size can cultivate customer loyalty and improve conversion rates.

MadridNYC is a graphic design and mobile app company with years of experience working for companies that want to provide a rich user-experience for their customers.