Branding & Logo Design

Branding objectives to work on your Logo Design

A good logo design is needed to support and give a corporate identity to products made by a particular person or company.

In fact, it is a short message that combines all the values of a brand and that in turn is composed of a group of letters, signs, symbols, abbreviations, figures, etc… that simplify, through a typesetting, that the people identify and associate quickly that sign with the company to which it belongs.

Design a brand is, in short, create the signature of your company and this should be present in all the commercial print and graphic design branding of the same, either in letters, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, business cards, advertisements, etc.

But not only that, both the typeface or source used and the colors that have been used in its composition can extend its use to uniforms, packaging, labeling of products or newspaper ads among others.

What is important is the message

Many people or businesses need to create a new logo or even rework the one they have on their business or web. This seems very simple (but “if it’s just a little design” sometimes they say to us) turns out to be considerably more complex than it appears, as evidenced by the high number of low-quality designs that we see day after day, because the logo design is the first impression that your customers are going to have of your company.

This is not a work of art in itself nor does it have to represent exactly what sells your company, but a graphic design branding that is going to represent someone or something.

It is important to remember this, because it will determine many of the decisions that we will take during the logo design process.

Graphic design branding must also be understood at a glance: cannot contain small details or too many messages, since this has to be visible both when reproducing at small sizes as can be a business card, as in a poster, a flyer or even at the company’s website, by what the simplicity in it has to be one of the most important points to take into account.

Therefore, we have to understand that a picture cannot express at the same time: strength, youth, experience, dynamism and customer service, because in fact synthesize all these ideas in a single sign is something very complex and that in the long run will not work in a practical way.

The 3 main functions of a Logo Design

  • Identify something (a company, a website, a NGO …).
  • Differentiate it from other companies or similar associations.
  • Convey an important idea using the symbol: if it is an established company, young, traditional, if given a personal interaction…

The functionality of a logo should contribute to these three features and if something doesn’t work or does not match the corporate image that we want to give of our company we should change it immediately. But first, we must decide what message we want to pass on to our target and the values that represent our company.

For example, a food store you may want to emphasize the high quality of its gourmet products intended for an audience with a high purchasing power level, while another will focus on the low price of their products for one more family economy and day-to-day, and a third in that opens 24 hours a day.

The logo designs of these three establishments should be fundamentally different. The message must be very clear, unambiguous, and adapted to each audience or for each product not to produce confusion.

In summary, we can say that for a logo design “works”, it should be legible, easy to reproduce, scalable, distinguishable and memorable.