Graphic Design Illustrations and Infographics

Infographics is the abbreviation for “graphic information”. This term has gained popularity recently based on the increased use of them in the online marketing of the past few years.

Some use this term to refer to the unique format that has been adopted for this application that is characterized by the graphic design illustrations, large typography and vertical orientation to show a diversity of facts or data. In short, this kind of work uses visual cues to communicate information.

Great infographics are, therefore, a combination of basic images, explanatory and very easy to understand with very short texts and summarized for quickly communicate information visually for ease understanding in just a few seconds. Graphic design illustrations are the easier way to understand the message.

Why design Infographics?

Create infographics do not only consist on doing these images created more as descriptive icons, but that in addition to the illustrations, we can find bar graphs, comparatives… that will help the reader understands the artwork interpreting it instantly.

Although the comparative graphics are old, you could say that the infographic design has revolutionized the communication in recent years, particularly the journalistic and websites already that many bloggers use this type of visuals to complete studies or to display the data.

Graphic information is today extremely useful and essential to represent the complicated information to understand in an Excel sheet through a simple text, since with a glance can understand even the most complicated graphics, and not only that, but they are also easier to assimilate, remember and share through social networks.

Design infographics must be simple, complete, informative, beautiful and appropriate to the information presented. To do this, must perform several artworks to submit the different possibilities. Subsequently, one has to choose the most appropriate style for the ideas that you want to reflect in a simple visual, those that more help to the receiver and that combine best with the information that is offered.

What are the elements of a good Infographic Design?

When we see it we feel informed and we like to stand for a few seconds to see how is done and be able to understand it. But a good work is based on 3 points:

  • Utility:It should employ an approach based on the objectives, as its ultimate purpose is to communicate information. There are two approaches to communication, exploratory and narrative. The infographics exploratory provides information in an impartial way, making of the perception of the information a priority. The narrative, on the other hand, guide the viewers through a specific set of information that has a certain history.
  • Solidity:A good artwork communicates something significant. Communicate a message that deserves to be told, brings to the readers something of value. Although they can be a powerful vehicle for communication, sometimes occurs arbitrarily or without a coherent story and interesting. If the information is incomplete, is neither reliable nor interesting, try to create an infographics is more than a madness; it is impossible.
  • Beauty:Even though the information is of the utmost importance in terms of robustness, which is done with the information and how is implemented, is also important. Therefore, there are two things to take into account: format and quality. If using an improper format, the result will be feeble.

In a similar way, if the information is distorted deliberately or due to user error, or if the pattern is inappropriate for the subject it treats, cannot be considered an infographic design of high quality, no matter what aesthetic and attractive as it may seem at first sight. Graphic design illustrations can help you to get a beautiful style.

Infographic design, in view of all these steps, it is not easy and requires time and research to discover interesting and relevant data that surprise the viewer and are retained in his memory.

In MadridNYC we try each day to create artworks that communicate data in a visual way interesting and attractive to be able to carry out a viral marketing 360° at all levels.