MadridNYC graphic design company

A Graphic Design Company that provides you engagement

The most successful companies have a corporate identity design that communicates their brand personality.

As an experienced and talented graphic design studio, we understand the importance of creating a brand image that has a special meaning, distinguishes you from your competitors, promotes a brand culture customers want to follow and paints a public image your employees can feel proud to work for.

Corporate Design

As we are sure you can appreciate, creating a great brand identity that offers value to customers requires honest collaboration. The freelancers at MadridNYC like to work closely with clients in these early stages and establish clear lines of communication.

It is important for us to have an in-depth understanding of your brand so expect us to ask a lot of questions. We want to fully understand the core values of your company or small business, interpret your mission statement and reflect your products in an identity your audience will relate to.

We want to know who your target market is, how your business can help them, where you see your position in the market and how you want people to perceive your business. But before we can make a start on the corporate graphic design project for your brand, we need you to talk to us.


Together we can create something special.


This is the critical thinking stage where we brainstorm creative concepts that will communicate your brand to your audience.

When we’re working during the strategy stage, we put together a creative brief that paints a bigger picture of the best brand identity for your project.

Our knowledge of consumer psychology and past experiences in marketing and advertising give us a solid springboard to work from. We start by selecting colors, fonts and visual elements that best represent your ideas and are going to fit in final pattern.

Once we have made a mess of the whiteboard and tidied up the scattered images across the floor of our studio, we condense the best ideas into a creative brief and send the initial concepts to you for approval.

MadridNYC is a company team expert in graphics with the skill to bring your brand marketing strategy to life.

Creative Graphic Design

At MadridNYC, we aim to be one of the most famous graphic design companies in New York by creating quality concepts is where we excel the most. And we’ll not lie to you, the creativity stage is our favorite part of the process. This is where we bring to life the ideas we developed with you in the early stages.

The freelancers at MadridNYC studio create incredibles infographics, packaging, stationery stuff, flyers, posters, corporate design, and so on, thinking about your company and your needs. After all, the front of your office building and any branding elements all make an impression.

Our best projects reflect the quality of your products and services, embrace your company values and portray a brand image your audience can connect with. At the very center of our patterns is your brand, because we respect your corporate design in all our patterns.

Our projects are intelligently constructed, intuitive and connect with your audience on an emotional level.


The final stage of the creativity process is delivery; this is where it gets exciting for you – and you don’t have to lie to us, we know this is your favorite part of the process!

At the delivery stage we present you with a choice of patterns. We know tweaks will need to be made, and encourage you to take your time to discover new ideas for making alterations you feel are needed.

Because we create a visual language around your corporate design and your projects we also show you how it will look on other graphic designs you may need. Once you have made your choice and are happy with the final version, you are ready to launch your messages into the world.

If you want to work with an awesome experts in order to create your graphic projects, don’t hesitate to contact MadridNYC. We’ll give a special meaning to your brand, your customers and your employees.


MadridNYC is a small graphic design company with studio in New York that deliver engaging products and a close customer service that plant the seeds for success.