The main functions of the Print Advertising

As freelance designers with experience in advertising agencies know the essential practices necessary to redirect the success of a business through different types of campaigns that implement what is colloquially known as printed propaganda.

Graphic design advertising can be one largest items of the budget devoted to promotion and communication. However, it is not only one of the oldest mass communication ways, but also – as we see today, internet or the generation 2.0 have not been able take away your position, as one of the most effective.

Through our work of design and implementation, we use our creativity in ads and in the campaigns of any size business. We assure the care of each one of the elements of any type of graphic design advertising, whether on a brochure, a magazine, poster or catalog.

What are the main functions of the Graphic Design Advertising?

Ads, by themselves, have the responsibility to publicize a product or service and ensure that will be remembered. Therefore, we can say that has got much to do with the positioning process, because it is the transmission of values or philosophy through visual elements that generate a series of prints and associations in the mind of the consumer.

If we were to summarize its main functions in 3 basic pillars, we could say that the graphic design advertising is responsible for:

  • Presenting a product or service through the written and visual language.
  • Accelerate the process of purchase decision through messages promising or encouraging.
  • Impersonal messages apply to capture the attention and persuade the largest number of people possible.

What do we offer in MadridNYC with this freelance service?

We do the sketch, which contains the text or announcement itself, we work its expression and aesthetic aspect, and we include graphic elements and prepare the layout in promotional format.

Some of the tasks deriving from all the publicity process are:

  • Creativity of attractive promotional headers that convey to the audience the benefits of a product or service.
  • Graphic and image editing to synthesize the values of the brand.
  • Layout and editing of texts that describe the header with different types of communication depending on the target audience.
  • Inclusion of the signature, which cans either, be the name, corporate brand or slogan accompanied with any contact data.

Every business or independent professional, in addition to resort, almost so obliged, to the advertising 2.0 , i.e. to the dissemination of its virtual brand on the Internet, regardless of whether account with a physical store or if its business is based on customer services.

On the other hand, there is the option of what is known as “transit advertising”, either fixed or mobile that helps to remember a certain product or service using of headers and photographs attractants.

We can also make a reference to the graphic design advertising shown in magazines or brochures, in which the slogan also appear accompanied with a photograph, but in this case the impact of advertising to a large extent depends of the picture quality.

By offering graphic design advertising, we take care of each item meticulously to ensure the persuasion, stimulate or motivate the purchase of a product or hiring a service.