Top quality Graphic Designs for Freelancers by Freelancers

There has never been a better time to be a freelancer. Owning a virtual space in the global village brings people from all over the world to your digital doorstep. As experienced freelance graphic designers ourselves, we understand the need to capture the attention of internet users, and produce eye-catching visuals your target audience can relate with.


Brand identity are not restricted to corporations. Businesses of all sizes need to develop a brand identity that reflects your services – and that include freelancers. In the initial stages, we want to learn all about you and your services in order to create concepts that work best for your professional organisation.

An engaging project can have extremely positive effects for freelancers and our ultimate aim is to develop a professional design across online platforms that gives you a trustworthy appearance and increases your credibility.

We like to work closely with our clients at this stage so we can fully understand your business. We observe and listen until we have enough information to customize visuals that bring your brand identity into full bloom. We want to give a professional graphic pattern that shines so bright it blinds people.

Patterns that create a memorable business.



As experienced graphic design freelancers working in advertising and marketing, we understand the importance of portraying yourself as a professional organisation.

Well versed in consumer psychology, we take the information collected at the research stage and create profiles of your business, products and customers. From here we find the link between your product and your audience and create professional graphic projects that effectively communicates your brand.

When we are creating graphics, we intend to remain consistent and reinforce your brand message. It is during this stage that we decide which colors, fonts and visual images we will use moving forward. We also work with you to determine what perception you want customers to have of your professional services.

We create freelance graphic designs that leave a lasting impression.

 We create freelance graphic design that leave a lasting impression.



Once you have confirmed the visual concepts, we begin creating a logo that will be the centerpiece of your business identity and act as an anchor for your arsenal of branded materials.

We like to work with our clients to identify potential hurdles and always look to create a professional graphic design that provides solutions. It is important to us that the styles we create reflect the quality of your product and services and attract customers to your website.

When working the logo, we include other materials such as websites, business cards, invoices, price lists, brochures and letterheads.

Our aim is to help you achieve your business objectives and win the contracts you want to attract. We create the best visuals that give you the appearance of an experienced and successful professional.

Our freelance graphic designs will help raise your online profile.


The delivery stage is your chance to express your thoughts and feelings about the first round of ideas. We create a good range of designs so you can choose the images that feel right for you.

We encourage clients to contribute to the process by suggesting amendments you would like making. Feel free to pick out elements from other patterns that you prefer, or let us know if you have something else in mind.

We are confident you will admire our visual concepts from the initial stages, but we endeavor to provide a great customer service and offer you the opportunity to make as many amendments as you feel are needed.  After all it is your brand image we are creating and we intend to deliver a service you are perfectly happy with.

If you are a professional freelancer and want to develop your online image, we would love to hear from you so get in touch today by completing the contact form.

MadridNYC creates freelance graphic designs that best reflect your brand identity.