Clean and amazing Editorial Graphic Design

Today, the corporate communication is essential so that we can be aware of the situation of the company, market, trends, competitors and other factors that can help orient the communication strategies both online, offline and commercial. Nowadays is common for companies investing budgets and work hours in great editorial visuals.

For instance, we use to work about graphic design magazines and graphic design books.

And just as important is the external communication, either through press releases, advertising… as the internal. In the latter case, the most commonly used method for work the editorial graphics is the corporate newsletters, which consists of a publication in a different frequency, according to the media and the amount of information that the company want to provide, which reports to all company staff of developments and the current situation of the same.

Today and with the rise of the web 2.0 has caused the emergence of a great number of magazines and newspapers on the net that offer the same content that the typical magazine or newspaper but without additional cost of printing, logistics… (or with a much lower cost will be); and a large quantity of articles of interest to be read by readers when they want.

When we design web banners and ads, we must try from their point of view and the brain of our customers to imagine what they can feel when you display our designs and then we will know how much will be the impact that causes in them and the level of retention that will have in their brains.

Sometimes, some of the most important decisions that are carried out in marketing campaigns are given by the common sense. Not always a campaign very elaborate ensure an incredible success, because sometimes in the simplicity of a design is the key for triumph.

What are the benefits of improving your Editorial Design?

Some of the advantages of improve the editorial design having a digital publication available to our readers, either daily or monthly magazine, are the following:

  • Instantly access, without the need of displacement.
  • Bind related resources such as databases, movies and animations, which simplify the expression of ideas that were difficult to realize in a printed format.
  • Relate authors and readers by e-mail, encouraging communication between author and reader.
  • Publish immediately, from a regime of edition continues because the digital media facilitate the easy renovation of contents.
  • The initial investment is considerable, although in the long term it is cheaper than the publications on paper.
  • Compatibility with all digital formats; the pdf format is the most commonly used by this.

The work of these digital magazines or also on paper, although the email marketing is increasingly being used, it must reflect the values and philosophy of the company in a way which is simple and functional for that the reader may find it interesting what we bring through our publications.

At this point, if you do not know how to approach your amazing editorial design with a newspaper or magazine corporate, our team of professionals will create the best for that the impactful communication and with a clean look and easy to read.

At MadridNYC we use to work about graphic design magazines and books, or even e-books, because is our main point.

We try to do good examples of them for use later in many different business areas. Improving your visuals with MadridNYC is the way to get professional, creative and well-done editorial design items.