The great Cover that introduces your Business Catalog

Each day we see catalogs everywhere, in shops, car dealers, mobile phone shops, banks, real estate, travel agencies… even in our mailbox. A great and promotional brochure design can make larger the brand image of a company; therefore can be considered the catalog as one of the most important tools to impress the clients.

At the same time, this type of promotional items are a very powerful tool and manageable for any marketing team to develop a promotional campaign.

Companies usually publish their leaflet to display their services or the characteristics of their products. There are different types of design available in the market that conforms to the size of each company, such as one page, bi fold and tri fold brochure design, or multi-page catalogs.

It’s common to work in tri fold design in which the company describes all its products, the history, the philosophy of the company… But, what is that makes a catalog, be attractive? Can you really judge something only by its brochure cover design? In reality, it is usually what we do all…

Branding says a lot about a person or a company. Each one is different and each one has something to say, that express or to sell. The brochure cover design is a good example of what we are going to find inside the catalog, so it should be a great introductory work, as if the cover speaks for itself and say “you should hear what I have to tell you”. If a cover can attract the reader or visitor to take our catalog and open it, we will have overcome the biggest obstacle.

The next challenge will be how to communicate our idea or what do we want to sell to the person that has taken that catalog. This can be achieved through the cover design and a combination of words and pictures that will makes our catalog tell the story the reader in an entertaining way and make them understand what is really important and what is secondary.

This will makes the interest of the reader does not wither and is maintained while examining the contents of the same, see, think and even feel what we want to show you with our pattern.

How do we Brochure Design?

In reality it’s complicated because when we are faced with this kind of project, the first thing we have to do is organize the entire contents, which sometimes is composed by a large amount of text.

It is therefore necessary to follow a few guidelines to make sure that the project is not going to be, in the end, a marketing element that makes lose the interest of potential customers in our services, but a form of promotion of our product:

  • Define priorities:We must be very clear about the ultimate purpose of the catalog and define our goals. What do you expect to achieve? With this question we will know the format that we need, if a diptych, triptych, a A4 booklet with several pages… In this way we will make easy to understand and stimulating for the reader.
  • Organize the ideas:We need to design a brochure with an attractive structure, agile and dynamic focused on the ideas we want to communicate. Limit the number of these ideas in a coherent way is basic. Do you need a bi fold or a tri fold brochure design?
  • Distribute the text:The content is an essential part of the brochures design, should be easy to read and fully understandable at a glance. To improve this, we need to create some contrast between text and background, use a font that is easy to read and do not make endless paragraphs with much content and ideas mixed up.
  • Use of photographs or graphics:These elements will make the project more attractive and able to see at glance complex information. Keep in mind that the graphs, maps or photos are easy to understand and transcend cultural barriers, so that they are a highly dynamic way to attract the public.

Always analyze the needs of each customer and what you want to sell or transmit with their designs so that they can get the goal they want to achieve, either report an entertaining way, cause interest in the brand and even loyalty of potential buyers.

In MadridNYC we ensure that your high quality brochure design cause the greatest possible impact since the cover, and that the interest will increase in as they are passing the inside pages.